Ha!Man Concert: Weds 27 July

The next exciting concert at Richmond House Museum & Music Room is on Weds 27 July, 18:00!

Francois le Roux, aka the HA!Man, is a South African cellist and multi artist who left the classical music environment to embark on a journey of spontaneous and highly entertaining music-making. A network of support around him has grown globally over two decades and this invites and accommodates the "HA!Show," workshops in spontaneous creativity and various other collaborations. Joining him as partner is Belgian actress and word artist Joke Debaere. Like the term "HA!," - how can one explain the moment of being creative? - their spontaneous performances can hardly be rationally defined. Both artists draw on rich inner worlds and musical, poetic and dramatic languages. A whole library of sounds and materials is used, with the cello at the heart of each performance. Francois and Joke appear all over the world and they have also regularly attracted full houses in Port Alfred in the past.

With each engagement their following grows and a moving, energising and healing nerve is touched - audiences learn afresh how art can still build community.